Honesty vs. Sincerity

This is on the same tree of thought as my last post, just a different branch. The tree of sincerity, that is. A tree that, I'm guessing, has thousands of branches. In my opinion, sincerity is something that could be written about forever, especially in art and writing. Sincerity is the truest existence of a person on earth, and it is why we become artists and writers (and do a bunch of other things I guess, too...). Regardless, with each new angle of thought that I take towards sincerity, I keep coming to similar conclusions. It's essential, it's extremely difficult, but it's worth a try.

Anyway, on with the rambling...

The more I write, the more I realize the difference between honesty and sincerity. The more time I spend thinking about them, the further they grow apart.

Consider this: All sincere writing is honest, but not all honest writing is sincere. Let me explain...

Honesty is on the surface. Sincerity runs deep. Honesty is more reliant on content, while sincerity is more reliant on intent. Intent will always bleed into content. In writing, honesty is an accuracy of feelings and facts relevant to the writer, present in the words that are written. The words themselves are not essential when considering sincerity. How you arrive at those words is what is essential. In other words, honesty is in the words that end up on paper, while sincerity is the filter used to get to those words.

A sincere writer clears out as much as possible in the writing process - the distractions, distortions, or hesitations of any kind. Being sincere starts well before you actually sit down to write. Honesty will only happen after you literally begin writing, not when you begin the writing process. Honesty can happen on a whim, by accident, and it can be drawn from many different places within a person. Sincerity is the person. It is the process.

Honesty is more physical than sincerity, as well. Honesty has an exact, distinguishable point of existence. Sincerity is always the same when coming from one source. Meaning, an author can write anything, and will always be writing with the same sincerity. A novel, an autobiography, a journal, anything... Honesty varies however, because it is specific to the medium that it exists in. It is reliant on a specific subject in the writing to which it can be attached. Honesty lies within the novel, within the journal, etc. The novel, the writing, precede the honesty. Sincerity precedes everything except the writer him/herself.

Sincerity is all-encompassing, honesty is an element. Sincerity is the universe in which honesty exists. In fact, sincerity is the universe in which all forms of effective art exist. And most importantly, sincerity is the universe in which we exist. We, you, he, she, I... Writers, artists, people. Without sincerity, we do not truly exist. Do not distort. Do not distract. Do not hesitate. Be sincere, do sincere, and keep creating, keep pushing.